French Immersion Camp August 20th-24th, 2018 (3rd-5th graders)

The Carpe Diem Arts and French Immersion Camp is designed for those looking for a French immersion camp experience and an opportunity to embrace the diversity and the richness not only of France but also of the whole Francophonie (French speaking countries).

The primary goal of the Carpe Diem French Immersion camp experience is to celebrate the French language, the diversity of culture and cuisine, and the joy of learning. We will explore five or more French-speaking countries around the world, and will learn about each country’s geography and people, traditions of song and dance, cuisine and culture.

NOTE: The timing of the camp is designed as a refresher opportunity for the benefit of French Immersion students returning to school after a summer of not speaking French on a daily basis.


We are one session, and perhaps a second, in August with the option of extended before and after care at Seekers Church in Takoma, DC.

August 20th-24th , 2018 (9:30am-3:30pm)  

For rising 3rd-5th graders (co-ed) with relative fluency in French.

Bring-your-own lunch & drink. We will provide snacks.

$340 + $50 per week for art supplies, cooking/baking ingredients, field trips, songbook and dance CD (plus additional $50 for ukulele + tuner).


* Scope of Activities: 

•International music and dance
•Theater games and improvisation
•Playground games
•Field Trips
•Cooking & Baking
•Poetry and creative writing
•Singing and song-writing
•Ukulele and dulcimer lessons

*  Arts and crafts workshops:

Possibilities include decoupage mirror and box, book-making, bottle lamp, ceramic candle, silk painting, collage, felting

* Staff:

Alessandra Mantovani, Co-Director
Binta Coulibaly, Co-Director
Busy Graham, Founder/Director, Carpe Diem Arts

* * * * *